Sunday, January 31, 2010

How Do I Host A Workshop?

Hosting a workshop is easy & very rewarding!  Not only will you and your friends have a fun, relaxed time making “hands-on” papercraft projects, but you have the opportunity to achieve FREE products!

What Do I need to Do?

All you need to do is get a group of friends together (4-8 is a good number).  You may like to provide a light afternoon tea or supper (keep it really simple) and I will do the rest!

What Will We Do?

I will talk to you prior to your workshop to find out a little bit about how much papercrafting you and your friends have done so I know what type of projects to choose.  I will also find out what type of papercrafting you prefer – scrapbooking, cardmaking or 3D papercraft – so I can tailor the workshop to specifically for you.

Usually I will demonstrate 2 projects eg, a more complex card and a 3D box and then everyone at the workshop will get to have a go at making a project – usually a card, but that can be changed.

After that, we will have some shopping time and then you as the Hostess will get to find out what free products you have qualified for.

SU photos 140 (Small)

thanks chick (Small)               

A simple 3-D project & an example of a simple make-’n’-take card.

What Do I Get For Hosting A Workshop?

Besides happy friends, with workshop sales of $350 or more, you will receive a minimum of $35 of Free Product of your choice and a minimum of one Free Hostess Stamp Set.  Of course the higher the sales, the more free product you will receive.

Be sure to look at my Specials & Promotions page to see what other specials you may qualify for.

Contact Me today to book your workshop.